#Shelter This particular song, “Shelter”, has a music video specifically produced by animators in Japan at A1 Pictures to match Robinson’s vision.


The female character is alone in a simulation of sorts, because her father sent her to outer space to survive since its later implied that Earth has been destroyed. She still has her archived memories though. It’s so awe inspiring if you want to watch SHELTER on YouTube. All of those feelings hit me tonight as I reconnected with breadcrumbs from my own archived mythology – what it means to be a kid & a son to my Earthly parents and to my Heavenly Father. My parents took me to Sesame Street Live at the Jaffa Mosque in Altoona when I was a child and I really wanted to go up on stage with Big Bird.

I’m still that person underneath everything who loves to smile and sing along.

Tonight was a celebration of that idea for me. That time you spend in solitude in your headphones can also exist in community. The song, “Mother” is especially special too. I love that line, “I’m on your side for the rest of your life.”

There’s a childlike wonder about Robinson’s work that is so wholesome and magical. He’s also an artist that struggled for 7 years to produce a follow up album to his debut WORLDS and I can relate to that feeling of losing your drive to create and almost losing a little bit of your identity when you’re stuck in a creative rut. “Get Your Wish” really encapsulates that idea of rediscovering who you truly are – which i’ve felt strong waves of lately – repurposing my posture.

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I’ve felt the need to be true to my original self and not who I project myself as or who others perceive me to be. My friend Andrew discovered Robinsons music too on his own and really connected with the song “Unfold”. If anything I’d say this art has really fun beat drops with blissful, whimsical visual narratives. I love the spirit of the song “Musician” and that freedom of unbridled joy. It makes me want to strive to be less of a hard-hearted cynic who scowls and more of a delightful warm bowl of soup type of person who contemplates what it means to be grateful.

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